Puppy Care

During the first 2 weeks of getting the puppy home, give the puppy a little time to rest each and every day. They need "Time Out" daily and sometimes you have to make it so.

If you have small children wanting to play with the puppy, you must teach them that the puppy needs time to itself and rest as an infant does.

Getting Your Puppy Home
We specialize in total dedication to the health and care of all our toy, teacup and parti poodle puppies. Your puppy may be nervous when delivered to you. He/she is no longer experiencing familiar sounds and smells. This experience will pass shortly.

Nervousness or change of diet may cause diarrhea. We strongly recomend and insist that you will continue feeding the feed we have weaned your puppy on.

We feed Purina Pro Plan Focus  Small Breed puppy dry food and Cesar puppy wet. We send a baggie of feed with the puppy, we recomend  continuing to feed this food.

We are solely  concerned with the healthiness  of your new companion. If we feel it would be a safer hourney at a later ship date, due to size, or anything else for that matter. You will always be notified. A healthy puppy to offer you is our goal. Our toy, teacup and parti poodles are sold for home companionship. 

We are unable to guarantee exact size of puppy or color puppy will achieve at an adult age. Size of parents, and all information on them is orffered to you. We deal on honesty only! 

You are guarenteed a healthy, happy puppy
If you select a puppy from us, he/she is guaranteed  to be healthy at the time of delivery. Your new companion will be vet checked before traveling to your home to join your family.

We strive to give all our puppies the best start possible. Your puppy will be vaccinated against, canine parainfluenza, bordetella, parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis and canine influenza. Your new puppy is gurranteed for six months from date of birth against hereditary and congenital disorders that may interfere with the puppy's ability to lead a normal life (as in hearts, livers).

Your puppy will be healthy and have had a detailed vet exam before ship date. This guarantee does not cover, hypoglycemia, hernias, hair loss, parasites such as worms or fleas, or uneven bites, all of what may be achieved after he/she matures.  You will always be updated with pure honesty on any diagnosis your poodle may have prior to shipping. Further, we reserve the right to decide when to ship your new poodle or Yorkie. We sell our pupppies with a 1 year congenital health guarentee!

About Us
Pride & Passion with Each Puppy
We take pride in breeding happy and healthy poodle puppies. Since 1994, we have fostered the breeding and development of multiple generations of toy, teacup and parti poodle and Yorkie puppies. Our litters are standouts because they are never raised in kennels. We know the importance of socialization and want our puppies to be a success in their future homes. Raising them in a home environment allows them to acclimate and become comfortable from the day they arrive. This makes for a smoother transition. 

We also responsibly breed our puppies so that every single one qualifies for registration with the AKC. Registered dogs mean that you can be confident that both the dame and sire are registered with the AKC. You can be confident that you are getting a poodle or Yorkie. 

We also guarantee that your poodle or Yorkie puppy won't have any congenital conditions for the first six months from the date of birth. This means your puppy will have the ability to lead a normal life. If you discover an issue with your puppy, we will work hard to correct the situation. Our poodles and yorkies make wonderful home companions! We ensure that they are happy healthy before they ship. We believe that open and honest communication is key. After all, the priority is the puppy, and we all want to ensure that you enjoy your new companion.

Are you ready to welcome a new fuzzy companion into your home? It's time you start working with a reputable and responsible Poodle and Yorkie breeder. Let us help you welcome a new poodle puppy into your home!

We  currently have parti poodles, teacup poodles, toy poodles and yorkie pups for sale!