Exceptional Care

We ship with a puppy nanny. They fly with the puppy in the cabin so the puppy is well taken care of on the trip. The nanny flys stand by and sometimes the trips are changed a day and arrival time also..they are very good and love the puppies so please try to be patient on days and times.

We also accept payments by:

Good Old Cash

Check ( on deposits only )
Money Gram or Western Union

When you are picking up and paying the balance, please bring only cash!

Need to know

We require a $400.00 per puppy NON REFUNDABLE deposit to reserve a puppy.

Please make all payments payable to ABBY Dowis.We no longer except deposits on unborn litters, but do have a first come, first pick waiting list.

We accept personal checks on deposits only,They must be issued on a local bank. not on balances. On balances we will accept Cashier checks, Money orders, Western Union, Money grams or Cash. Balances are due by 7 weeks on tiny toys and toy sizes. Teacups are due by 8 weeks.If balances are not made on time, a puppy will be reposted due to non-payment.

The deposit is non-refundalbe if this should occur. 
Teacup size puppies as they are usually kept until 12 weeks of age, due to the small size. Other sizes are not held past 8 weeks of age unless upon our vet's opinion, it is to the puppy's interest to wait on shipping to a new home.